Anna Ourusoff


Anna Ourusoff has shared her study and passionate teaching of yoga for over 25 years. Her studies have taken her from Ashtanga and Iyengar to Anusara, with a thorough understanding of body bio-mechanics, which she presents through clear, user friendly guidance. She loves to share her quest for authenticity, guiding supporting students t journey to discover their own empowerment, beauty and truth. Off the mat, she is a transformational wisdom coach, mentor and facilitator. The essence of her work is to reawaken each human’s remembrance of their direct connection to their source and belonging to the whole.



She loves to create intimate contexts for self-inquiry, collaborate with other facilitators, lead group retreats, coaching circles, as well as work one on one, exploring the extra-ordinary dimensions of consciousness, intuition, imagery and meditation as tools for self-actualization. Her offering is a convergence of spiritual wonder, grounded truth, depth and humor. What brings her most joy is to share her knowledge and experience in support of students moving through life’s struggles to cultivate faith that they can open, heal and become more joyfully themselves as they offer their unique and authentic contribution to the world, for the benefit of all.

“Yoga has been a part of my life for almost 30 years now. It is my compass and has given me the gift of trusting the universe, and a way to ride its deep currents, to see the dark places as juicy nutrients for soul work, growth and becoming. Asana has taught me how much I value vulnerability, creativity and beauty, and that beauty is an inside quality seeking to express itself into the outside. Yoga has shown me a way to trust the journey, to stay steady on the path through the exhilarating peaks as well as the valleys of life, always expanding beyond self- made limitations. My passion is to share with love and humor the deep lessons we learn by staying steady through difficulty which grants us the experience of our true worthiness to flourish and celebrate the joys of living on purpose, in service to the whole.”