Steele Seader



“Sit with what is present inside, let it emerge from the depths. What is your truth? Let us frolic through the brightest light, crawl through the darkness, to the depths of each to birth into the wholeness of our divine being.”– Steele

Steele Seader is Montana native, from Shepherd MT. She has been practicing Yoga of different branches for 8 years and teaching

Through life changing teachers, from Hatha to Anusara to Iyengar, Steele became passionate about sharing the gift of Yoga, which she has been teaching for almost two years.

All are welcome to Steele’s classes, where she creates a nurturing environment that allows everyone is able to explore the breath and movement at a very intentional pace, allowing for integration and healing.

In each of Steele’s classes, she compliments the asana practice with her Yoga therapy and foundations background, allowing you to feel supported and nurtured, while discovering newfound inner strength.