Class Descriptions

Morning Flow- Sunrise

 Morning classes consist of mindful engagement and breath work to warm up the body, exploration of anatomy and yogic philosophy, vigorous flow, and held poses to incorporate the effort of the practice.
It can be hard to leave your bed early in the morning and to arrive upon your mat.
But let US encourage you to apply yourself fully to this audacious goal; to become just yourself, to recognize you will always become the result of that which you do each day with great intention.


Power Hour- LUNCH Break Boost!

Make the most of your lunch break! Enjoy a dynamic and invigorating flow-based class to keep you going all day long.

Creative and challenging sequencing focusing on physical and energetic alignment, core integration, stability, strength and fluidity. This breath-centered power hour is a moving meditation, resulting in enhanced clarity, strength, flexibility, stamina, and confidence for the rest of your day and life.We recommend that you have an understanding of intermediate yoga postures and breathing techniques. Power Lunch Hour classes are exciting, challenging and great for those who are ready to take it to the next level (in one hour)!


Chakra Flow

Come enjoy a flow class dedicated to realigning the chakras, or energy centers, in our body. We’ll practice sun salutations, poses, & meditations geared toward each chakra, providing overall strength, flexibility & relaxation.. Multilevel


Kick Ass Yoga – All Levels

A powerful, challenging flow class led by our breath, during which we will build inner and outer balance and strength, giving us the opportunity to go deeper into the practice and ourselves. While this class is challenging, everyone welcome! Multilevel


Power Yoga

This is a challenging class designed to dissolve self-prescribed limitations and welcome the intense sensations of holding poses for 3–5 breaths. Settling into these poses with good alignment, students then practice stillness of the mind and body as they tap into their inner–strength. This class also flows through sequences and incorporates core strengthening exercises. Each sequence is unique and fun. While challenging, Power Yoga is designed as a multi–level class and is accessible to all. Change your mind, change your body. Multilevel


Moving with Mindfulness

This class is slow and challenging, yet accessible to all levels of practitioners. In each posture, I encourage students to move from a place of inner strength, instead of just forcing the body into a pose. The intention of each class is to inspire students to connect with their body and breath to create a moving meditation. Multilevel


Evening Flow

A great flowing yoga class with a mixture of sun salutations moving into standing poses, balances, front body opening and ending with restorative poses to leave you refreshed and ready to step back into the active and busy world. Multilevel


Restorative Yoga

It is what is…re-boot and get grounded with well supported poses designed to revitalize your energy and calm your nervous system. Heavy emphasis on props for relaxed positioning of your body to start letting go of the stress and strain that can build up before you know it. Non-strenuous. Multilevel


Yoga Lingo 🙂

Poses or Postures

Breath (general), or a specific style of breathing technique

Sun Salutation:
A series of movements that move the body through its entire range of motion designed to awaken and warm the entire body. These movements link body and breath.

Flowing or connecting postures in conjunction with the breath. (key words: with the breath!)