Abby Wales


Abby grew up in Bozeman, Montana. In 2016, she studied at Kripalu to complete her 200 hour RYT. Since then, she has studied with Embodied Flow and completed her 500 RYT. Abby enjoys teaching a variety of different styles of yoga, including a Vinyasa/Hatha Based Flow and a Slow Flow Yin class. Vinyasa flow focuses on breath and alignment while building heat. Her Slow Flow Yin class invites students to slow down while working on flexibility and mobility. All of Abby’s classes include intentional pranayama and meditation. Abby is fascinated with the mind-body connection yoga allows by cultivating mindfulness as a way to heal on a mental and physical level. She uses somatics practices as a tool for students to establish a deeper connection with their bodies. She is most passionate about providing a safe space for students to explore this concept of meditation through movement and movement as medicine. Holding this container of a yoga class can hopefully help students expand their practice off the mat and into their lives.