Carrie Welch


Carrie began her Yoga journey with a 12 year career in Massage Therapy, giving her the insight she needed into physical wellness. With a trained therapeutic eye, Carrie’s intuition in this marvelous field stemmed from her personal experiences with injuries, illness, and life. Somewhere in the midst of a divorce and an ulcer Carrie found Yoga and watched the healing effect it had on not just her physical, but her mental well-being.

In 2013 Carrie took care of her Mom through Cancer, teaching her breath awareness and simple movements to ease her mind. The passing of Carrie’s mom from this disease changed her life completely.

From this moment on, Carrie knew she needed to teach Yoga.

Carrie wanted to show people of all backgrounds, in all stages of life, who deal with illness, injury, and set-backs, that they too can benefit from this incredible journey that became suddenly spiritual for her, as well as mental and physical.

Carrie received her 200 hours from Paraman and Institute of Yoga science in Indore, India. Continuing on to certifications in restorative and therapeutic Yoga, as well as Y4C (Yoga for Cancer) and trauma-informed Yoga. Carrie also gained experience in Ayurveda, the sister science to Yoga,practicing Abhyanga massage therapy in an Ayurveda wellness center.

Carrie hold a Master’s of Science in Health and Human Development from Montana State University and currently work as a Mental Health Counselor and therapeutic Yoga instructor for depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, illness, injury, and life in general.

Carrie’s style is meditative, focused on the breath and inner awareness while also paying attention to alignment to prevent injuries.

Carrie’s goal is to awaken that inner child in all of us that lives in wonder of life, and in doing so lives free.

To show people that it doesn’t matter what your body type, your injuries, your mental state, or your emotions. Anyone can benefit from Yoga and find peace and healing.

Yoga is for everybody with every kind of body.