Claudia Bayr-Nobel


Welcome, my name is Claudia Bayr-Nobel and I am a licensed Yin Yoga instructor. A native of Germany, I moved to London in my twenties to establish myself as a successful sales & marketing entrepreneur in the fashion industry. After burning-out in my forties, my travels in search of myself brought me to New York City. I re-invented myself to a more holistic life style through taking workshops, educational seminars and wellness certifications.
As a professional life/career coach, I worked with holistically minded entrepreneurs .
After years of practicing yoga, I discovered Yin Yoga and immediately experienced the physical grounding that I desired. I love sharing my own learning with others, inspiring and awakening greater awareness of our individual potential. I believe yoga is an essential part of healing for our physical, mental and emotional bodies, allowing us to embrace our Authentic, Loving and Powerful Selves.