Laine Gallegos


Laine found the practice of yoga at the potent age of 13.  Throughout the years, yoga has been an integral part of her life – anchoring her in times of change and continuously bringing her home to herself.  She is honored the share the practice of yoga and teachings of yoga with others.

  She has studied numerous styles of yoga with many incredible teachers.  Her soul teachers are Jenna Pfingston, Jeanie Manchester and Elena Brower.  She is passionate about teaching vinyasa flow – steeped in reverence for the sacred and rooted in thoughtful alignment.  She believes that the practice of yoga can enable us to make big shifts in our lives – on and off of the mat.  Laine is also a mama, acupuncturist and herbalist.  Her two young children are a continuous source of inspiration and evolution.  Aiding others to feel their best through thoughtful space holding and natural medicine is a passion of hers as well.  She interweaves her passions and years of study to craft a meaningful yoga experience that is inclusive and welcoming to everybody.  When she is not on the yoga mat or in the acupuncture clinic, you can find her exploring wild places with her beloved family and animals.